The Catalan National Assembly: Civil society is #BuildingTheCatalanRepublic

The Catalan National Assembly (ANC) is a grassroots organisation that brings together around 80,000 people from all parts of the Catalan society, including different ideologies, religions and nationalities. We work on a voluntary basis for a common cause: to win Catalan independence in a completely peaceful and democratic way.


The ANC aims at decisively contributing to the foundation of a Catalan Republic based on the principles and values of democracy, freedom and social justice.

The civil society organisation is organised as a large network with a bottom-up approach. This structure allows every member to find his or her own place in the organisation and actively participate in it. The ANC is the most influential civil society organisation in Catalonia in its field. The organisation is economically and politically independent. It is entirely financed by membership subscriptions and private donations and is not associated with any political party. No incumbent politicians are allowed to take up positions within the ANC.

Since its inception in 2012, the ANC has consistently organised 1-million-strong demonstrations for independence every year, plus a number of smaller rallies to support democracy and elected officials on trial for their political ideas. It has also played a significant role as a political facilitator: by combining pressure on and support for political parties and the Catalan government, civil society has achieved a majority for a referendum in Parliament.