The Catalan National Assembly: a civil society organization to achieve the independence of Catalonia

Structure of the ANC:

  • 596 local assemblies, which means that over 60% of Catalan municipalities have an ANC local branch.
  • 40 foreign assemblies around the world, that bring together more than 3,000 Catalans as citizens or in spirit. Their goal is to explain the Catalan independence process to the world. The first foreign assemblies were established in 2013 after the spontaneous organisation of 126 rallies all over the world to echo the 400-kms human chain that linked Catalonia from its northern border with France to its southern border with Valencia.
  • 64 social and professional interest-based assemblies (e.g. lawyers, translators, teachers, civil servants, LGBT and women’s rights). These assemblies work as think-tanks and unions within their professional sectors and constitute an important support for the ANC’s activities and ideas.

The ANC governing body:

  • The General Assembly takes place once a year. All full members of the ANC hold voting rights.
  • The National Secretariat consists of 77 elected members, which are organized into committees. Members of the National Secretariat are not allowed to combine their official role with any political party post. The National Secretariat meets once a month.
  • The chairs of the committees form a Permanent Committee that meets weekly and implements the National Secretariat`s guidelines.