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The European Pegasus Committee criticises there were no court orders for most of the Catalan espionage victims and that national security has been used to avoid disclosing information

The Pegasus Inquiry Committee of the European Parliament has denounced that there is no evidence of judicial proceedings against the majority of the Catalan espionage victims, in a press conference …

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The Catalan National Assembly denounces Spain’s boycott of the European Parliament Pegasus Committee and asks them to meet with victims of civil society

The letter addressed to the Pegasus Inquiry Committee of the European Parliament denounces the Spanish authorities’ attempts to prevent and hinder the fact-finding trip to Spain and call the members …

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More than 500 people participate in Assemblea’s National Conference on the Civil Independence Movement to define the path towards Catalonia’s independence

Last weekend, the Catalan National Assembly organised a conference that brought together 57 pro-independence civil society organisations and experts in Barcelona, with the goal of debating and defining strategies to …

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