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The New York Times

‘Health Care Kamizakes’: How Spain’s health workers are battling coronavirus, unprotected

Over 12,000 health care workers have contracted Covid-19 in Spain amid grave shortages in personal protective equipment. Nurses and doctors showed us how they make their own gowns, masks and …

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The Guardian

How coronavirus took just weeks to overwhelm Spain

On Saturday 7 March, 24 hours before hundreds of thousands of people rallied across Spain to mark International Women’s Day, and 9,000 faithful Vox supporters arrived in Madrid for a far-right jamboree, …

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COMMUNIQUÉ: Catalan National Assembly to provide masks for citizens in fundraiser for COVID-19 research in Catalan hospitals

The organization, together with Catalan  manufacturer Tèxtil Rosdan, will provide a kit with the necessary materials to sew DIY masks for personal use. The acquisition of the kit  means a …

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