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Meet Valtònyc, the exiled Spanish rapper reforming Belgium’s free speech laws

Josep Miquel Arenas Beltrán, professionally known as Valtònyc, is a 27-year-old exiled rapper from the Spanish island of Mallorca who has successfully reformed Belgium’s free speech laws. Provocative lyrics he …

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The Guardian

Spanish rightwing party leader under fire for attending Franco mass

Spain’s rightwing People’s party (PP) has been compelled to reiterate its condemnation of the Franco regime after the party’s leader was criticised for inadvertently attending a mass at which prayers …

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The Catalan National Assembly strengthens its ties with the Sardinian pro-independence movement

The President of the Catalan National Assembly, Elisenda Paluzie, has traveled to Sardinia invited by the Assemblea Natzionale Sarda (ANS), to participate in a conference on the right to self-determination in …

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