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The National Question in the 21st Century

CommonSpace editor Ben Wray introduces CommonSpace’s special week of coverage on international movements for self-determination by arguing that, contrary to popular theorists of globalisation on the left and right, the …

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El Nacional

The Catalan case reaches the Bundestag

The case of Catalonia has reached the Bundestag. Political party Die Linke has tabled a motion in the lower house of the German parliament, asking the government of Angela Merkelto work …

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The Times of London

British police chief rejects claim Catalan separatists were violent

The findings of Sir Hugh Orde, a former chief constable with the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) and expert on public order, contradict the narrative presented by the prosecution …

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Upcoming events

26 Apr

Santiago Sierra – Politische Gefangene im zeitgenössischen Spanien

5.–26. April 2019
Eröffnung: 4. April, 19 Uhr
Runder Tisch Justiz und Politik: 11. April, 19 Uhr
In Pieces – Virtual Reality Installation von Joan Soler-Adillon
23. und 24. April, 18 bis 21 Uhr
Öffnungszeiten: Mo–Fr 10:00–17:00
Haus der Demokratie und Menschenrechte
Greifswalder Str. 4, 10405 Berlin

  • Time
    7:00 pm
  • Location
    Haus der Demokratie und Menschenrechte
    Greifswalder Str. 4, 10405 Berlin, Deutschland
07 May

The Catalan language, an inconvenient truth

Catalan is nowadays a dynamic language, regardless of decades of severe linguistic repression. Catalan has 10 million speakers, it is the 14th language in the EU, the 7th most studied language in the EU, and it is taught in 161 universities throughout the world. However, this strong vitality often clashes with legislation and institutions that either ignore or discriminate when it comes to Catalan linguistic rights.

To discuss this reality, we are glad to invite you to the conference “The Catalan language, an inconvenient truth”, given by Òscar Escuder, the president of Plataforma per la Llengua (PxL). PxL is the NGO aimed at promoting and protecting Catalan linguistic rights. With its 19,000 associates, PxL is a grassroots authority and the most powerful NGO on linguistic rights worldwide.

Please arrive timely, since the security controls to access Portcullis house may be slow.

  • Time
    7:00 pm
  • Location
    Room P., 1st Floor, Portcullis House
    Houses of Parliament, Westminster, London, England