The UNPO approves three resolutions proposed by Assemblea, while revalidating the presidency of the international organisation

The XIX General Assembly of the Unrepresented Peoples and Nations Organization has passed three resolutions regarding the false accusations of terrorism against the Catalan pro-independence movement, the illegitimate espionage and …

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Communiqué on the pacts to invest Pedro Sánchez as Spanish Prime Minister

On Thursday 9th November, it was announced that Carles Puigdemont’s Catalan party Junts had agreed to invest socialist Pedro Sánchez as Spain’s Prime Minister. A week earlier, Esquerra had also …

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Assemblea makes an official complaint to the EU ombudsman for the categorisation of the Catalan pro-independence movement as “extremism” in a Europol terrorism report

The Catalan National Assembly has filed an official maladministration complaint before the European Ombudsman for the inclusion of the Catalan pro-independence movement in an ‘Extremism’ section in a Europol terrorism …

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Assemblea presents the route for the 11th of September 2023, with the rallying cry “Via Fora!”

The Catalan National Assembly has presented the political message and the route for the upcoming September 11th demonstration, on Catalonia’s National Day –la Diada– that is to take place in …

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Catalan independence – article by Vicent Partal

The crisis between Spain and Catalonia is not new, as there has been a political and institutional conflict between the two nations since at least the eighteenth century. During this …

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The Catalan National Assembly strengthens its cooperation and solidarity with the Uyghur people

Last week, the president of the Catalan National Assembly, Dolors Feliu, welcomed a delegation of the Uyghur World Congress at Assemblea’s headquarters in Barcelona The Catalan National Assembly’s president Dolors …

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Catalan News

‘Scotland and Catalonia have inalienable right to self-determination’

Catalonia’s pro-independence camp voices support for Scottish counterparts after UK supreme court rules against new referendum

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Communiqué on the British judiciary blocking of a second independence referendum in Scotland

Yesterday, the Supreme Court  in London  ruled that the Scottish Parliament does not have the power to call a new independence referendum without the consent of the British government. The …

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Catalan independence: Five years on from referendum, is there any hope for separatists?

A day marking a historical defeat may seem like an odd point to declare the resurgence of Catalonia’s independence movement. Not for activist Imma Caboti. She believes the fact people are …

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Nation Cymru

Catalan independence supporters ensure right to national self-determination at heart of EU debate agenda

The right to national self-determination has been voted among the top priorities for the future of Europe as part of a major EU project after a mobilisation by supporters of …

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