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‘Scotland and Catalonia have inalienable right to self-determination’

Catalonia’s pro-independence camp voices support for Scottish counterparts after UK supreme court rules against new referendum

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Communiqué on the British judiciary blocking of a second independence referendum in Scotland

Yesterday, the Supreme Court  in London  ruled that the Scottish Parliament does not have the power to call a new independence referendum without the consent of the British government. The …

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Catalan independence: Five years on from referendum, is there any hope for separatists?

A day marking a historical defeat may seem like an odd point to declare the resurgence of Catalonia’s independence movement. Not for activist Imma Caboti. She believes the fact people are …

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Nation Cymru

Catalan independence supporters ensure right to national self-determination at heart of EU debate agenda

The right to national self-determination has been voted among the top priorities for the future of Europe as part of a major EU project after a mobilisation by supporters of …

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