Leaked Government Document Shows Spain Wants to Ban End-to-End Encryption

In response to an EU proposal to scan private messages for illegal material, the country’s officials said it is “imperative that we have access to the data”.

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Spain violated Catalan ex-leader’s rights, UN body rules

Carles Puigdemont hails resolution and slams Madrid.

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Catalan independence – article by Vicent Partal

The crisis between Spain and Catalonia is not new, as there has been a political and institutional conflict between the two nations since at least the eighteenth century. During this …

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The Guardian

‘I feel I was raped’: six women in Barcelona seek justice after relationship with ‘spy cop’

Legal challenge also takes aim at Spain’s home ministry after police officer allegedly posed as anarchist  

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Katalanische Ministerin Ponsatí: Präzedenzfall in Europa

Europaparlamentarierin trotz Immunität verhaftet

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EU Observer

Why three MEPs withdrew from EP petition committee hearing

For a long time, various political groups have consistently expressed their concerns about what is going on in the European Parliament’s petitions committee (PETI) — the committee where all EU …

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Liberties EU

Liberties Rule of Law Report 2023 – Spain

This country report is part of the Liberties Rule of Law Report 2023, which is the fourth annual report on the state of rule of law in the European Union …

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Spain: UN experts demand investigation into alleged spying programme targeting Catalan leaders

GENEVA (2 February 2023) – Spanish authorities must thoroughly investigate reports that Pegasus and Candiru spyware was used to target Catalan public figures and activists in Spain following the independence …

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Catalonia : UNPO Welcomes UN Special Rapporteurs Joint Allegation Letter Sent to Spanish Government on Use of Pegasus Spyware Against Catalan Activists

The United Nations Special Rapporteurs have called to the Spanish Government to clarify and explain its actions for the deployment of Pegasus spyware against Catalan civil society actors. The Joint Allegation …

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Catalan independence: Five years on from referendum, is there any hope for separatists?

A day marking a historical defeat may seem like an odd point to declare the resurgence of Catalonia’s independence movement. Not for activist Imma Caboti. She believes the fact people are …

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