Peoples Dispatch

Daniel Gallardo and the Spanish walls

Spain has a long history of jails and penitentiary centers and thousands of social and political prisoners have passed through their walls. Not all of them survived. Since ancient times, …

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The Jacobin

Franco’s Stooges Still Dominate the Spanish Economy

Four decades since Spain’s transition to democracy, nostalgists for the Franco era are sharply resisting calls to topple its monuments and recognize its victims. Their fight to control historical memory …

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Irish Times

CIA files reopen questions about Spain’s state terrorism

Former Spanish prime minister Felipe González is under scrutiny following the publication of CIA documents which appear to link him to death squads that hunted down Basque separatists during his …

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The case of the Catalan political prisoners

One year ago, the UN The Working Group on Arbitrary Detention severely condemned Spain for international human rights violation and demanded the immediate release of the jailed political leaders

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Financial Times

Flawed data casts cloud over Spain’s lockdown strategy

This week Spain reported what should have been cause for huge celebrations: according to the official coronavirus statistics, there were no new deaths in the 48 hours to midday on …

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The World Organisation Against Torture

Spain: Open Letter: The case of Jordi Cuixart through the lens of international human rights standards on the right to peaceful assembly

On October 14, 2019, the Supreme Court convicted Mr. Jordi Cuixart & Mr. Jordi Sànchez for sedition (Article 544 of the Spanish Criminal Code) and sentenced him to nine years …

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The National Scot

Spanish police given £18m bonuses over Catalan independence referendum

Spanish National Police (CNP) officers and civilian personnel who were involved in the operation to halt the 2017 Catalan independence referendum received bonuses of €21 million (£18.7m) according to a leaked …

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Spanish prime minister fails to prove existence of international coronavirus testing rankings he cited

In a nationally televised press conference on Saturday, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez was asked by CNN about the existence of a ranking by Johns Hopkins University on Covid-19 testing …

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“States responses to Covid 19 threat should not halt freedoms of assembly and association” – UN expert on the rights to freedoms of peaceful assembly and of association, Mr. Clément Voule

The Covid-19 pandemic has posed unprecedented challenges to human rights around the world. “I salute the efforts of governments, international organizations and civil society working together to protect the public …

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Coronavirus: Spain eases lockdown restrictions despite recording nearly 4,000 new infections in 24 hours

Spaniards took the first tentative steps back to work on Monday as lockdown restrictions were partially relaxed, despite experts counselling against easing restrictions.

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