The Right of Catalonian Leaders to Protest

On 22 April, the Spanish Constitutional Court issued its first judgement on the constitutionality of the conviction of the Catalonian leaders for the events of October 2017. It upheld the …

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The New York Times

Criminal or Martyr? Prisoner Poses a Political Dilemma for Spain.

Off a leafy boulevard in Barcelona sit the headquarters of Omnium Cultural, an organization known in Spain as much for its literary prizes as for its dreams of an independent republic …

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Coppieters Foundation

“A law on minority languages adopted for the first time under the Fifth Republic!”

On 8 April 2021, the French National Assembly has witnessed a small revolution with the adoption, against the government’s opinion, of a law aimed to protect and promote regional languages. …

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The National

US warns Spain over Catalan civic leaders held as ‘political prisoners’

The US government has warned Spain about its concerns over political prisoners in Catalonia and potential violations of human rights in the country. Nine pro-independence activists are serving between nine and …

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Council of Europe

Spanish authorities should amend the Criminal Code to strengthen existing safeguards of the right to freedom of expression

In a letter addressed to the Minister of Justice of Spain, made public today, the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, Dunja Mijatović invites the Spanish authorities to amend …

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How Scots and Catalans are looking to each other to ease their independence woes

The Saltire and the Estelada flags are almost always found together at marches in support of independence, be they down the Royal Mile, Edinburgh’s medieval thoroughfare, or along Barcelona’s tree-lined …

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MEPs must vote against lifting Carles Puigdemont’s immunity | View

MEPs will on Monday (March 8) vote on whether to lift the parliamentary immunity of their Spanish colleagues Carles Puigdemont, Toni Comín and Clara Ponsatí. The undersigned, former Members of …

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The Guardian

Grave concern for electoral monitors facing jail in Spain

More than 400 academics in the fields of political science, law and other disciplines express their worries that electoral monitors in Spain are being threatened with jail over their role …

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Spain is the EU’s Biggest Threat, Not Russia

While Spain arrested rapper Pablo Hasél this month for exercising his right to freedom of expression, Russia humiliated the European Union, which Spain is a member of, by highlighting the country’s …

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The National Scot

Row over immunity of three Catalan MEPs could go to Court of Justice

A LEGAL row over the withdrawal of parliamentary immunity for three MEPs took another twist yesterday when the bete noire of the Catalan independence movement said he would take the issue to …

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