EU Observer

Why three MEPs withdrew from EP petition committee hearing

For a long time, various political groups have consistently expressed their concerns about what is going on in the European Parliament’s petitions committee (PETI) — the committee where all EU …

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The Catalan National Assembly denounces the Spanish authorities’ repression of Catalans and the double standards in the EU

The Catalan National Assembly has taken part in the 15th session of the United Nation’s Forum on Minority Issues to denounce the repression of Catalans by the Spanish authorities and …

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The Catalan National Assembly denounces the use of Pegasus by Spanish Authorities

This year, Canadian research centre CitizenLab denounced the CatalanGate scandal, the biggest case of political espionage in the history of the European Union. Now, the case reaches the European Parliament, …

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El Nacional

Spain’s PSOE and PP veto giving official EU status to Catalan, Basque and Galician

Despite Spain’s claim that it supports EU use of these 3 languages, the major parties don’t want to make them official

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European Network for Linguistic Equality asks recognition of Catalan as official EU language

The European Network for Linguistic Equality (ELEN) called on the European Union on Wednesday to recognize Catalan as an official language and to “respect linguistic diversity”. In a debate organized …

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Severe critique for judge Marchena’s sentencing of the Catalan leaders’ trial

A major legal reversal. That is the upshot of the latest dissenting opinion from Spanish Constitutional Court judge Ramón Sáez Valcárcel, in which he openly criticizes the Supreme Court sentence in …

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The National Scot

Former Catalan president Quim Torra refuses to attend ‘pantomime’ trial

QUIM Torra, the former president of Catalonia, refused to attend his second disobedience trial in Barcelona on Thursday, arguing that he would not legitimise a “repressive pantomime disguised as justice”. Torra …

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PP chairperson interrupts as MEPs try to speak Catalan in European Parliament

The European Commission has, for the third time, refused to endorse the arguments of those who want to impose Spanish language in Catalan schools, and has indicated that it has no competence …

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Assemblea requests meeting with the European Commissioner of Justice after news of a reunion with Spanish nationalist organization SCC

Commissioner Didier Reynders met Spanish nationalist organization Societat Civil Catalana at their request, with the intention of nudging the European Commission (EC) to take sides in the attack against the …

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Assemblea denounces human rights abuses against the Catalan people at the United Nations’ most important meeting on minority issues

The Catalan National Assembly (Assemblea) took part on the 2nd and 3rd of December in the 14th session of the United Nations Forum on Minority Issues, the institution’s most important …

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