El Nacional

Catalan language NGO tells Belgian court that it was spied on by Spain with Pegasus software

New breaches of the rights of Catalan people and groups. Members of the pro-Catalan language organization Plataforma per la Llengua have testified in a Belgian court that they were spied on by …

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The Catalan National Assembly denounces the use of Pegasus by Spanish Authorities

This year, Canadian research centre CitizenLab denounced the CatalanGate scandal, the biggest case of political espionage in the history of the European Union. Now, the case reaches the European Parliament, …

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The European Parliament report states that there has been illegitimate use of Pegasus in Spain

The report validates Citizen Lab’s investigation on Catalangate and calls for strong measures from the European Commission. The Catalan National Assembly asks the Catalan Parliament to create an independent international …

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Catalan Civil Society Targeted With Pegasus Spyware

The Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) firmly condemns the Government of The Spanish government’s alleged use of Pegasus spyware to undermine and repress Catalan civil society. These allegations of espionage represent a disconcerting continuation of long-standing …

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Catalan pro-independence movement denounces Spain’s illegal espionage before the European Parliament

65 top representatives and activists of Catalonia’s pro-independence movement have been illegally spied on, according to independent research center Citizen Lab, in what is the biggest Pegasus spyware case in …

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Amnesty International

Spain: EU must act to end spyware abuse after prominent Catalans targeted with Pegasus

European Union institutions are failing to end the rampant human rights violations committed with spyware, Amnesty International said today, after the organization independently confirmed new attacks using Pegasus spyware against …

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The New Yorker

How Democracies Spy on Their Citizens

The parliament of Catalonia, the autonomous region in Spain, sits on the edge of Barcelona’s Old City, in the remains of a fortified citadel constructed by King Philip V to …

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Society for Threatened Peoples

Spyware against Catalan politicians

According to research by the daily newspapers The Guardian and El Pais, controversial spyware of the Israeli provider NSO Group has been found on the mobile phones of two Catalan …

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