International human rights NGO launches a campaign calling on the German Bundestag to denounce Spanish repression against Catalonia

The NGO Society for Threatened Peoples, focused on defending the rights of national minorities, demands to the Spanish Kingdom to follow the recommendations of the United Nations Working Group on …

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The Rule of Lawfare

When former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont and former Catalan health minister Toní Comin finally took up their seats in the European Parliament on Monday, more than seven months after they …

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Amnesty International

Spain: authorities ‘must reduce tensions’ in Catalonia protests

In response to the demonstrations in Barcelona and the rest of Catalonia after the Spanish Supreme Court sentenced 12 Catalan political leaders and activists, Amnesty International has called on the …

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El Nacional

Catalan independence at the UN: how the legal battle at Geneva is being waged

With the Supreme Court verdict in the Catalan independence trial pending, and expected to be emphatic, and with the more than obvious discrediting of Spanish justice recently, especially with regard to its handling …

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Open Arms rescue ship faces $1m fine from Spain

The humanitarian charity operating the Open Arms ship, saving the lives of refugees and migrants at risk in the Mediterranean Sea, may face a $1m fine from Spanish authorities.

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El Nacional

Sagrada Família protesters call for truth on the Barcelona terror attacks

Tourists visiting Barcelona’s Sagrada Família cathedral this Saturday morning might have wondered what was going on. In fact, that was precisely the intention, as over 200 Catalan CDR activists donned white masks featuring …

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The National

Spanish espionage affair haunts Borrell’s bid for top EU role

Spanish spying on British MPs and Catalan delegations in London, Germany and Switzerland, could backfire on Spain’s Josep Borrell’s bid to become Europe’s top diplomat.

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The Guardian

Spanish parties enlist support of far-right Vox to control Madrid

Madrid’s city council has swung sharply to the right after the conservative People’s party (PP) and the centre-right Citizens party enlisted the controversial support of the far-right Vox to take …

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Spanish parliament bureau suspends elected Catalan political prisoners

The legal quandry over whether to suspend the new Catalan MPs who are being tried in the Supreme Court over the independence bid resolved on Friday after the bureau of …

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Washington Post

The Catalan independence movement is not behind the rise of Spain’s far right

The Spanish extreme right is fueled by a fear of true democracy, of diversity, of equal opportunities and women’s rights. They have used fear and hate as their main tools …

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