Catalan News

Council of Europe urges Spain to guarantee freedom of speech

Authorities worried about ‘gag law’ for Catalan activists and raise concerns about police brutality

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700.000 fill the streets of Barcelona in another massive demonstration for Catalonia’s Independence on National Day

Over 700.000 have attended this Catalan National Day demonstration in Barcelona, to defend Catalonia’s independence and denounce repressive practices, judicial persecution and illegal espionage on the Catalan independence movement by …

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My Father Fled Fascism in Spain—and Taught Me How Lies Can Destroy a Democracy

The truth can’t destroy a democracy but lies can. At age thirteen my father was awoken by machine gun fire in the streets of Madrid. It was 1936, and a …

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Brave New Europe

Elections results from Catalonia: A further step towards independence

Just as important as the election in Spain is the election in Catalonia. The independence movement in Catalonia has attained an impressive electoral victory. There are clear signs that it …

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Open Democracy

Catalonia: the trial will be about our ideological freedom

In December 2017, Carme Forcadell received journalists in her fine wood-panelled office where photographs on the shelves told the story of the tireless commitment of the Speaker of the Catalan …

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