Thousands march in Catalonia in remembrance of the 2017 independence referendum

Thousands are marching in Catalonia on Saturday to commemorate the referendum of 1 october 2017 and to call for independence. One of them has begun in Sant Julià de Ramis …

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This year’s Catalan National Day pro-independence demonstration will be double: set to vindicate the 2017 referendum for independence and denounce Spanish repression against the movement

Under the motto “Let’s fight and win independence” this year’s Catalan National Day protest will take place both on September 11th and October 1st to vindicate the relevance of the …

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The Catalan National Assembly organizes the biggest demonstration in Europe in compliance with COVID19 health recommendations

This year’s Catalan National Day demonstration is expected to gather 48.000 demonstrators across 107 points in 82 municipalities, focused on decentralization and observing health recommendations This year’s 11th of September …

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