The Rift

The right of people to self determination is a cardinal principle in international law

The right to self-determination is established in Article 1 of the Charter of the United Nations, as well as at the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Article 93 …

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Washington Post

Spain’s king and prime minister visit Barcelona amid protest

A few thousand Catalan separatists protested Friday against a visit by Spanish King Felipe VI and Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez to Barcelona amid continued tensions between the restive region and …

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International human rights NGO launches a campaign calling on the German Bundestag to denounce Spanish repression against Catalonia

The NGO Society for Threatened Peoples, focused on defending the rights of national minorities, demands to the Spanish Kingdom to follow the recommendations of the United Nations Working Group on …

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Society for Threatened Peoples

Spyware against Catalan politicians

According to research by the daily newspapers The Guardian and El Pais, controversial spyware of the Israeli provider NSO Group has been found on the mobile phones of two Catalan …

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Ramón Grosfoguel: “Catalans are in a colonial situation”

Ramón Grosfoguel (1956) is a sociologist and an associated professor at the University of Berkeley (California). This Puerto Rican academic is a specialist in decolonisation and racism who knows Catalonia well …

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People's Dispatch

Daniel Gallardo and the Spanish walls

Spain has a long history of jails and penitentiary centers and thousands of social and political prisoners have passed through their walls. Not all of them survived. Since ancient times, …

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The Catalan National Assembly meets with Council of Europe’s Human Rights Rapporteur

  The Latvian rapporteur Boriss Cilevičs, from the Socialists, Democrats and Greens Group of the Council of Europe, is investigating human rights violations by elected officials in Spain and Turkey …

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Wake-up call to Spain during the UN Universal Periodic Review concerning fundamental rights violations

More than 110 countries have brought up questions and recommendations regarding the human rights situation in Spain, of which a total of 22 have taken the opportunity to address the …

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The Rule of Lawfare

When former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont and former Catalan health minister Toní Comin finally took up their seats in the European Parliament on Monday, more than seven months after they …

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20 MEPs to watch in 2020

The European Parliament is younger, more diverse — and more divided — than ever. It has also increasingly been flexing its muscles in EU decision-making, and many MEPs are expected …

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