El Nacional

“For independence, Via Fora!” – ANC’s spot for Diada 2023 uses mediaeval Catalan call to action

The Catalan National Assembly’s spot for the Diada march on September 11th employs the traditional rallying cry, “Via Fora!”

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Green Left AU

Catalan National Day: Huge turnout by a movement that refuses to die

The river of independence supporters that flooded central Barcelona gave the lie to fears that the Catalan movement had been mortally wounded by ongoing Spanish state legal repression, 18 months …

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Thousands of Catalans rally for independence in Barcelona

Thousands of Catalans chanted, sang and waved flags as they marched through Barcelona on Saturday, calling for the region’s independence from Spain. The march, organised by the grassroots Assemblea Nacional …

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400,000 people fill the streets of Barcelona in a new massive call for independence on the Catalan National Day

Over 400,000 people participated in the Catalan National Day demonstration in Barcelona, the biggest political demonstration in Europe since the COVID19 Pandemic, to defend fundamental rights in the face of …

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