Assemblea denounces the criminalization of Catalonia’s independence movement before the OSCE

The Catalan National Assembly has taken part in the 2023 OSCE Warsaw Human Dimension Conference, one of the most important gatherings on the state of human rights in Europe, to …

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The Catalan National Assembly appears as a witness before the Catalan parliament’s Committee of inquiry into the Catalangate affair

Assemblea’s President  Dolors Feliu denounced that six members of the organization are victims of the Catalangate espionage for their pro-independence activism, and recalled the repeated failure of the dialogue table …

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Catalan News

Independence activists denounce ‘mass political espionage’ in Brussels

Former Catalan National Assembly president says scandal shouldn’t have “paralyzing” effect on movement.

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El Nacional

Spain justifies planting undercover police in Catalan pro-independence youth groups

Spanish ministry says it is “appropriate” to place undercover officers in youth groups, citing “philo-terrorist” dynamics.

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Flawed Transition: why the Spanish state is repressing the Catalan independence movement

Catalonia awaits the verdict in the trial at the Spanish Supreme Court of 12 political and civic leaders charged with ‘rebellion’ and ‘sedition’ for their part in the 1 October …

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