El Nacional

Cuixart and Forcadell deal prosecutors a knock-out blow

The third week of the Catalan independence trial started today with the last defendants taking the stand. Jordi Cuixart dismantled the public prosecutors’ arguments; they then didn’t even bother to try to …

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The Real News Network

Spain Struggles for its Identity as Catalan Independence Leaders Face Trial

The trial against 12 Catalan independence leaders exposes the extent to which Spain’s status as a coherent nation-state is being questioned. The governing socialist party is now feeling the consequences …

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The Globe Post

Catalan Separatists on Trial Pay Price for Spain’s Crude Transition to Democracy

Watching the trials of the Catalan independentists now taking place at Spain’s highest court in Madrid, I have been reminded again and again of a scene from director Hal Ashby’s …

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The Telegraph

Catalans on trial: The EU has got Madrid’s back, no matter how hard police hit civilians

Despite holding democracy as one of its core values, the bloc’s reaction to the Catalonian calls for self-determination shows Brussels’ unwillingness to stand by this principle.

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The European Parliament censors a conference on Catalonia

This Friday afternoon, the press service of the European Parliament communicated the decision of the EP president to cancel Monday’s conference on Catalonia in Brussels, which was counting on the …

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The Washington Post

It’s not just Catalan separatists. Democracy is also on trial in Spain.

Tensions on all sides are high in Spain as the trial of the century gets underway this week, with a dozen Catalan leaders facing charges of rebellion and sedition for promoting a …

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The Independent

Spain’s trial of Catalan separatists is worse than an outrage – it is a terrible mistake

The Spanish government’s handling of the Catalonian independence movement is worse than a human rights outrage; it is a mistake. The trial of a dozen separatist leaders on charges including …

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The Guardian

Spain’s trial of Catalan separatists is an alarming act of state repression

Prosecuting these peaceful advocates of the ballot box marks yet more of the authoritarianism we saw on referendum day

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The National

Witness exclusion at Catalan trial is ‘matter of concern’

A Scottish expert in international law has said the exclusion of defence witnesses at the trial of Catalan independence leaders, which is due to start tomorrow, is a matter of …

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Associated Press

Spain’s courts put to test by trial of Catalan separatists

Spain is bracing for the nation’s most sensitive trial in four decades of democracy this week, with a dozen Catalan separatists facing charges including rebellion over a failed secession bid …

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