Catalan News

UN Special Rapporteur on minority issues: ‘Non-violent political dissent should not give rise to criminal charges’

Fernand de Varennes expresses “concern” for the charges of rebellion against Catalan political figures and protesters

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The National

Lawyers rubbish legal grounds for Catalan indy trials

The trial of Catalan pro-independence leaders has no legal basis, according to a legal group that has been investigating Spain’s judicial leadership and “corrupt practices” which it alleged have gone …

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Catalan republicanism and European federalism, by Oriol Junqueras

Republicanism in Catalonia is inseparable from both Catalanism and European federalism, writes Oriol Junqueras, who argues that Europe faces a crucial crossroads: on the one hand, an increasingly extreme right, …

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PEN America

A troubling trend: Free expression under fire in Catalonia

After more than 14 months in pre-trial detention, Oriol Junqueras, the former vice president of the Catalan regional government, is set to go on trial January 22, 2019, in Madrid …

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The Nation

Spain’s Radical Right Is Here to Stay—but Did It Ever Leave?

The truth is, Spain was never really an outlier in Europe, its radical right is not really new, and its situation is hard to compare to right-wing populism in other …

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Persecuted as a terrorist in Spain

Tamara Carrasco campaigns for an independent Catalonia. She was arrested and has been in house arrest for months.

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The trial of Catalan referendum leaders casts a long shadow over the EU’s credibility

The trial against the Catalan referendum will have wide consequences for the EU and any condemnatory prison sentences will be a huge blow for the democratic credibility of the European …

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Catalan leader’s battle from behind bars

Oriol Junqueras is the main figure in what could be the most important criminal case ever brought before a Spanish court.

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What will happen in Catalonia in 2019?

Long prison sentences for political prisoners could inflame conflict with Spain again, and might force snap elections soon after local and European ones.

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El Nacional

What’s gone rotten in Spain, according to John Carlin

“There is something very rotten in the Spanish judicial system.” This is what Anglo-Spanish writer and journalist John Carlin told the programme El Suplement on public station Catalunya Ràdio this Saturday. …

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