The Catalan National Assembly will organize a double National Day mobilization, both virtual and physical

The Catalan National Day 2020 will include a virtual action under the name #XarxaIndependència and a physical mobilization in front of Spanish administration buildings in Catalonia. Last Friday morning, the …

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Society for Threatened Peoples

Spyware against Catalan politicians

According to research by the daily newspapers The Guardian and El Pais, controversial spyware of the Israeli provider NSO Group has been found on the mobile phones of two Catalan …

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Online Event Discusses Spain’s Declining Democracy ahead of UPR Follow-up Session

On 15 July 2020, UNPO alongside the Society for Threatened Peoples and the Assemblea Nacional Catalana (ANC) organized the International Digital Roundtable: Civil and Political Liberties at Risk in Spain?. The …

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Several international NGOs alert of human rights violations during the outcome of the UN’s Universal Periodic Review of Spain

Amnesty International, Article 19, the Society for Threatened Peoples and European Language Equality Network are some of the NGOs that have raised the alarm concerning the lack of respect for …

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The Guardian

Phone of top Catalan politician ‘targeted by government-grade spyware’

One of Catalonia’s most senior politicians has been warned his mobile phone was targeted using spyware its makers say is only sold to governments to track criminals and terrorists.

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Ramón Grosfoguel: “Catalans are in a colonial situation”

Ramón Grosfoguel (1956) is a sociologist and an associated professor at the University of Berkeley (California). This Puerto Rican academic is a specialist in decolonisation and racism who knows Catalonia well …

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People's Dispatch

Daniel Gallardo and the Spanish walls

Spain has a long history of jails and penitentiary centers and thousands of social and political prisoners have passed through their walls. Not all of them survived. Since ancient times, …

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The Jacobin

Franco’s Stooges Still Dominate the Spanish Economy

Four decades since Spain’s transition to democracy, nostalgists for the Franco era are sharply resisting calls to topple its monuments and recognize its victims. Their fight to control historical memory …

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Assemblea denounces Spain’s fundamental rights violations against Catalonia at OSCE meeting on Freedom of Expression

The Catalan pro-independence civil society organisation has denounced Spain’s abuses of freedom of speech, persistent police violence and an abusive number of fines, mixed with misinformation, a lack of transparency …

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Elisenda Paluzie reelected as head of the Catalan National Assembly

In a sweeping victory, Elisenda Paluzie was reelected as president of the Catalan National Assembly (ANC) on Saturday after the pro-independence group held an election to renew its top leadership positions.

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