1. General information
The following terms regulate the information and permitted use of the website with URL  https://int.assemblea.cat (hereinafter «the Website»). The Assemblea Nacional Catalana (Catalan National Assembly), hereinafter the ANC, with registered offices in Carrer de la Marina, 315, 08025, Barcelona, with Tax No. G65581621, and registered in the Register of Associations and Federations of Catalonia, under number 46548-J/1, in accordance with Law 34/2002, of 11 July, regarding Information Society and E-commerce services, makes available the above website to members, supporters and other Internet users.The website is created and designed for the purpose of disseminating ANC activities at international level.

2. General terms
The aim of these general terms is to regulate the access and use of the Website, which the ANC makes available to interested users. This is free of charge except for the cost of connection through the telecommunications network, supplied by the access provider contracted by the Internet user.Access and browsing of the Website implies full acceptance of all terms included in this document.

3. Terms of use
The Internet user is obliged to make correct use of the Website, in compliance with current Spanish and European law and under the terms included in this document. Internet users will answer to the ANC or other third parties, in the event of any damage and/or detriment they may cause as a result of non-compliance of these obligations.The use of the Website for injurious purposes of assets and interests of the ANC or of third parties is strictly forbidden, or which in any other way overload, damage or disable the networks, servers and other computer equipment (hardware) or computer products and applications (software) of the ANC or of third parties.The ANC reserves the right to make any modifications and updates of information contained in the Website, of its configuration and presentation and of the Terms of use, at any time and without the need for prior notification.

The provision of the Website service has a limited use once the Internet user is connected or to any service provided by the website. It is therefore recommended that Internet users carefully read these Terms of use whenever they intend to enter and make use of the Website, as these terms may be subject to modifications.

The ANC does not guarantee the absence of errors when accessing the Website or its contents, nor that the website is updated. As long as it does not involve causes that may it impossible or difficult to carry out, and as soon as it becomes aware of errors, disconnections or lack of updates of contents, the ANC may carry out all tasks required to solve errors, re-establish communication and update contents.

Non-authorized access or use of the Website that may effect the communication contained therein, is the exclusive responsibility of the party who does this.

The ANC will not be held liable for any consequence or damage that may arise from this access or use. The ANC will not be held liable for any security errors, which may cause damage to the computer system of the Internet user (hardware and software), or to other files or documents stored therein, as a result of the presence of malware in the Internet user’s computer, that is used to connect to contents of the Website, for malfunctioning of the browser or the use of non-updated versions of the browser.

The ANC takes no responsibility for the contents of links of the Website, as long as they are external, nor does it guarantee the absence of malware of other elements in them that may cause alterations in the computer system (hardware and software), in documents or files of the Internet user, excluding any responsibility for damages of any type caused for this reason.

If an Internet user considers that the content or services provided by the link websites are illegal or could jeopardize the assets or rights of the Internet user or third parties susceptible to compensation, and which consist of:

·activities or contents susceptible to being considered an offence, in accordance with criminal law,

·activities or contents that violate intellectual or industrial property rights,

·activities or contents that endanger public order, criminal investigation, public safety,

·activities that endanger the protection of public health, respect to the dignity of the person or the principle of non-discrimination and the protection of health and children,

·he/she should notify this, including any observations or illegalities

4. Procedure in the event of illegal activities
If an Internet user considers that there are facts or circumstances of an illegal nature in the use of any content and/or any activity of the Website, particularly the breach of intellectual or industrial property rights (patents, models industrial models and drawings, brands and trade names, etc.) or other rights, he/she should send a notification to the ANC with the following details:

data of the person or entity making the claim: name, address, phone and email address,

description of the illegal activity carried out on the Website, and particularly in the event of a breach of rights, the accurate, specific indication of protected contents and their location on the Website,

facts or circumstances that disclose the illegal nature of this activity,

in the event of a breach of rights, signature of manuscripts or equivalent, with the personal data of the holder of the supposedly infringed rights, or the the person authorized to act in the name and on behalf of this person,

explicit, clear declaration, under the responsibility of the person or entity making the claim, that the information provided in the notification is accurate of the illegal nature of the use of contents or the activities described.

5. Contact data of the ANC
The Internet user is provided with the following information to address his/her requests, questions and complaints:
Name: Assemblea Nacional Catalana
Postal address: carrer de la Marina, 315, 08025 Barcelona
Email:  dades@assemblea.cat
Phone: + 34 93 347 17 14

6. Data provided by the Internet user
In general, access to the Website does not require prior subscription or registration of Internet users.All information provided by the Internet user in the data forms on the Website should be accurate and should guarantee the authenticity of all data provided to the ANC through these means. Similarly, the Internet user is responsible for keeping all information provided to the ANC permanently updated, so that it reflects the true situation of the Internet user at all times. In any event, the Internet user is solely responsible for false or inaccurate information provided and for the damage that may be caused to the ANC or to third parties for information provided.

7. Links
The establishment of a link to the Website implies the existence of past or present relations between the ANC and the owner of the website that establishes this link. It does not imply the acceptance or approval by the ANC of its contents or services.Any other use of the Website contents by unauthorized third parties is strictly forbidden.The ANC takes no responsibility for the information contained in third party websites, which can be accessed through links or browsers from the Website.

8. Intellectual and industrial Property
The holder of intellectual property rights of the Website is the ANC, which has the exclusive rights of use, including the reproduction, distribution, public announcement and transformation. For illustrative purposes, these rights include software, code font, graphic design, browsing structure, data bases, texts, photos and images, and in general all contents and elements. Similarly, brands, trade names or distinguishing signs are the exclusive property of the ANC, or if applicable, of other third parties, unless otherwise specified.The ANC is holder of the intellectual property rights, referring to their products and services, regarding references to third parties.

It is strictly forbidden to transfer intellectual property rights on the Website. It is specifically prohibited to reproduce, transform, distribute, publicly announce, make available, extract, reuse or the use of any nature by any means or procedure, of any intellectual right, except in cases that are legally permitted, meaning authorized by the holder of the corresponding rights.The unauthorized use of information contained in the Website, its resale, along with the breach of ANC intellectual Property rights, will lead to legally established responsibilities.

Internet users should respect all intellectual and industrial property rights on the Website. Nevertheless, Internet users may view and obtain a temporary, private copy of contents for their exclusive, personal and private use, in their computer systems (software and hardware), as long as it not for the purpose of developing commercial or professional activities, along with their distribution, modification, alteration or decompiling. Infringement of any of the above rights may constitute a violation of these terms, and an offence included in the Penal Code.

9. Protection of personal data
All information referring to the processing and protection of personal data provided, is included in our Privacy Policy.
The home page of the Website has a link to access the Privacy Policy.

10. Cookies
All information on cookies in general and on the cookies used by the Website, is found in our Cookies Policy.
The home page of the Website has a link to access the Cookies Policy.

11. Jurisdiction
These terms of use will be interpreted according to current Spanish and European legislation in this field.

In order to resolve any controversy or question regarding the Website and the activities developed therein, current Spanish and European legislation will be applicable, to which the ANC and Internet users explicitly submit themselves. They explicitly waive any other jurisdiction and in order to solve any conflicts arising or related to use, they submit themselves to the Courts of the city of Barcelona.