The National

150 academics sign open letter criticising repression of rights in Spain

Quoting the Council of Europe‘s Declaration on Higher Education and Democratic Culture: Citizenship, Human Rights and Civic Responsibility (Strasbourg 2006)…

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The demographic ‘tic toc’ and Catalonia’s independence

A year ago, José Luís Álvarez wrote in El País about Catalonia’s demographic tic-toc (‘tic-tac demográfico’). According to Álvarez, Jordi Pujol had designed a social engineering strategy to make indepenence …

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Washington Post

The Catalan independence movement is not behind the rise of Spain’s far right

The Spanish extreme right is fueled by a fear of true democracy, of diversity, of equal opportunities and women’s rights. They have used fear and hate as their main tools …

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The Real News Network

Spain Struggles for its Identity as Catalan Independence Leaders Face Trial

The trial against 12 Catalan independence leaders exposes the extent to which Spain’s status as a coherent nation-state is being questioned. The governing socialist party is now feeling the consequences …

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