Catalonia accuses Spain of spying on its UK mission as order revealed to ‘get closer to Nicola Sturgeon’

Catalonia’s pro-independence government has accused Spain of spying on its internal communications with its UK diplomatic mission, after foreign ministry documents revealed Catalan plans to “get closer to Nicola Sturgeon”.

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Catalan protesters demonstrate in front of EU parliament against exclusion of MEPs

“Where do our votes go if after what we choose, they (elected members) cannot exercise their role? To the river,” said Santiago Solsona, pointing to the riverbed in Strasbourg.

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Nieman Reports

Breaking the silence about corruption in Spain’s press

After 18 years as a war reporter and correspondent, David Jiménez was appointed editor-in-chief of El Mundo, one of Spain’s biggest dailies, at the end of his Nieman fellowship at …

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The Guardian

Spanish parties enlist support of far-right Vox to control Madrid

Madrid’s city council has swung sharply to the right after the conservative People’s party (PP) and the centre-right Citizens party enlisted the controversial support of the far-right Vox to take …

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The National

150 academics sign open letter criticising repression of rights in Spain

Quoting the Council of Europe‘s Declaration on Higher Education and Democratic Culture: Citizenship, Human Rights and Civic Responsibility (Strasbourg 2006)…

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The demographic ‘tic toc’ and Catalonia’s independence

A year ago, José Luís Álvarez wrote in El País about Catalonia’s demographic tic-toc (‘tic-tac demográfico’). According to Álvarez, Jordi Pujol had designed a social engineering strategy to make indepenence …

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Washington Post

The Catalan independence movement is not behind the rise of Spain’s far right

The Spanish extreme right is fueled by a fear of true democracy, of diversity, of equal opportunities and women’s rights. They have used fear and hate as their main tools …

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The Real News Network

Spain Struggles for its Identity as Catalan Independence Leaders Face Trial

The trial against 12 Catalan independence leaders exposes the extent to which Spain’s status as a coherent nation-state is being questioned. The governing socialist party is now feeling the consequences …

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