The demographic ‘tic toc’ and Catalonia’s independence

A year ago, José Luís Álvarez wrote in El País about Catalonia’s demographic tic-toc (‘tic-tac demográfico’). According to Álvarez, Jordi Pujol had designed a social engineering strategy to make indepenence …

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Washington Post

The Catalan independence movement is not behind the rise of Spain’s far right

The Spanish extreme right is fueled by a fear of true democracy, of diversity, of equal opportunities and women’s rights. They have used fear and hate as their main tools …

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Brave New Europe

Elections results from Catalonia: A further step towards independence

Just as important as the election in Spain is the election in Catalonia. The independence movement in Catalonia has attained an impressive electoral victory. There are clear signs that it …

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Open Democracy

Catalonia: the trial will be about our ideological freedom

In December 2017, Carme Forcadell received journalists in her fine wood-panelled office where photographs on the shelves told the story of the tireless commitment of the Speaker of the Catalan …

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Jailed Catalan Speaker Forcadell appeals to European court

Carme Forcadell was the speaker of the Catalan parliament until January – but has spent almost nine months in prison.

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Total Slovenia News

Slovenian Foreign Ministry to ducate Spanish Ambassador on the Nature of the Country’s Independence

After heated reactions in Spain to the Catalan leader suggesting Catalonia take the Slovenian path to independence, the issue is expected to be discussed as the Slovenian Foreign Ministry hosts …

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Pep Guardiola calls for democracy to settle Catalonia independence debate

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has called for democracy to triumph and let the people of Catalonia decide whether they want independence.

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