The National

Catalan president told ‘radical turn’ needed on independence

CATALAN President Pere Aragones has faced a call to signal some progress on the cause of independence after being told that “nothing had been done” in four years. Aragones has been on …

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Three Catalan civil society organizations bring 37 new charges against Spanish police officers in the independence referendum case in Barcelona

The Catalan National Assembly, Òmnium Cultural and Irídia have presented a new expert report which identifies more than 450 illegal acts during the October 1st, 2017 self-determination referendum. The Catalan …

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Over 50 Catalan municipalities now pay taxes to the Generalitat, not to Madrid

More than 50 Catalan municipal councils have decided not to pay taxes to the Spanish treasury, but rather, to deliver them to Catalonia’s Generalitat, as part of the campaign of fiscal …

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Hywel Williams, MP: “It is Catalonia’s right to be an independent country”

If the Catalan cause has reached the Westminster parliament, it is largely thanks to Hywel Williams. Member of the Welsh pro-independence party Plaid Cymru and a staunch supporter of minority languages, Williams (born …

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400,000 people fill the streets of Barcelona in a new massive call for independence on the Catalan National Day

Over 400,000 people participated in the Catalan National Day demonstration in Barcelona, the biggest political demonstration in Europe since the COVID19 Pandemic, to defend fundamental rights in the face of …

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The Times

Outcry as retired Catalan minister faces multimillion-euro ‘independence’ fine

Academics including an American Nobel prizewinner have condemned the prosecution of a Spanish economist who — along with 38 others — face fines of millions of euros for their supposed …

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Socialist Project

International Manifesto in Support of Catalonia’s Right to Freedom as a People

In the 14th of February elections to the Parliament of Catalonia, 52% of Catalans voted in favour of parties that call for Catalonia to become an independent state. This is …

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Assemblea’s Unilateral Independence Congress a Great Success

The “Congress of Precedent Cases of Unilateral Independence”, organized by the Catalan National Assembly, with representatives from the Baltic countries and Slovenia, took place from Friday the 7th of May …

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Representatives from the Baltic countries and Slovenia to discuss their unilateral independence processes in Catalonia

The Catalan National Assembly is organizing the “Congress of Precedent Cases of Unilateral Independence”, to put unilateral independence back on the table, and learn from the experience of states that …

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The Rift

The right of people to self determination is a cardinal principle in international law

The right to self-determination is established in Article 1 of the Charter of the United Nations, as well as at the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Article 93 …

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