New Internationalist

Spies, damned spies

Bethany Rielly explores the chilling impact of the Spanish state’s intrusive surveillance tactics against Catalan civil society. Is there a chance of justice?

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The National

Scotland desperately needs its own National Assembly like Catalonia’s

IT’S six years since Catalonia held its referendum on self-determination. At the time, I, as chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Catalonia, and other parliamentary members – including Hywel Williams …

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Assemblea presents the route for the 11th of September 2023, with the rallying cry “Via Fora!”

The Catalan National Assembly has presented the political message and the route for the upcoming September 11th demonstration, on Catalonia’s National Day –la Diada– that is to take place in …

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More than 500 people participate in Assemblea’s National Conference on the Civil Independence Movement to define the path towards Catalonia’s independence

Last weekend, the Catalan National Assembly organised a conference that brought together 57 pro-independence civil society organisations and experts in Barcelona, with the goal of debating and defining strategies to …

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