More than 500 people participate in Assemblea’s National Conference on the Civil Independence Movement to define the path towards Catalonia’s independence

Last weekend, the Catalan National Assembly organised a conference that brought together 57 pro-independence civil society organisations and experts in Barcelona, with the goal of debating and defining strategies to achieve independence.

The Catalan National Assembly hosted a National Conference on the Civil Independence Movement last weekend in Barcelona with the aim of bringing together the main pro-independence organisations and create synergies and consensus to establish a common framework for the Catalan pro-independence movement. A total of 57 organisations and more than 500 people  participated.

The National Conference started on Saturday with long and thorough debates focusing on the institutional, civil and  international fronts, which are all in the Catalan National Assembly’s roadmap approved by its members. Each debate was organised with several expert speakers  on each topic, alonside a moderator, who introduced the discussion points and opened the floor to each participant to make their contributions. Among the issues discussed were civil disobedience, the need to learn from past mistakes, the importance of a strategic union of the movement and of Catalonia’s projection to the world with its strategic and economic opportunities.

On Sunday, the participants of the National Conference gathered in the auditorium of the Polytechnic University of Barcelona for the closing event, with a presentation of the most relevant conclusions of the debates held on the previous day. In charge of the presentations were Anthony Sànchez, a social activists and founder of Young New Catalans, economist and former Catalan MP Uriel Bertran, and Olga Gonzàlez, all of whom are general board members of the Catalan National Assembly.

Catalan National Assembly President Dolors Feliu gave the closing speech, thanking the participants and the volunteers who made the event possible and celebrating the outstanding attendance at the Conference.  “It’s essential to work together and create a network to overcome the current situation and the immobilism of the political parties”, she remarked.

The Catalan pro-independence movement feature a broad diversity and variety of opinions, which according to Feliu was borne out during the event. “We are very many, and that is enriching. There are many points of views and combining them multiplies the strength and impact of the pro-independence movement”.

The Catalan National Assembly will present the final conclusions of the National Conference to the organisations that participated during the coming weeks. As Dolors Feliu stated, “this National Conference does not end here, it is a beginning, a fertile ground for independence”.