New government in Spain: new opportunities?

Last Friday, Pedro Sánchez, the leader of the PSOE (Spanish Socialist Workers Party), won the necessary votes to move forward with a motion of no-confidence and oust the government of …

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Aamer Anwar accuses the Spanish judiciary of not being independent: “There is political persecution”

In October 2017 several members of the Catalan Government decided to go into exile abroad for fear of repression on the part of the Spanish State after their having declared …

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Le Point

Elisenda Paluzie: “In Catalonia, the independence movement has been criminalised”

The Chair of the Catalan National Assembly laments Spain’s authoritarian drift. (in French)

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Corse Net Infos

Elisenda Paluzie : “Violating democratic rights is not acceptable in Europe!”

The Chair of the Catalan National Assembly emphasizes the importance of internationalising the Catalan situation and reviews the human rights abuses in Spain. (in French)

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Report on the Spanish Government’s Communiqué

The Spanish government issued a statement today stating that the decree appointing the ministers that form the Government of the Generalitat will not be published in the Official Journal of …

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Le Soir

Elisenda Paluzie (ANC): «The Catalan prisoners are treated as terrorists»

Interview with the Chair of the Catalan National Assembly, who explains the prosecution of the Catalan independence movement in Spain (in French)

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Who is breaking up Spain?

Catalonia is being accused of embarking in a feverish nationalist adventure to break up with Spain. Is this true? If so, who is the nationalist? And is it a temporal …

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Catalan News

Catalonia best south European region for foreign investment

Despite the fear the Spanish government wanted to foster, Catalonia is one of the most attractive regions for foreign investment, according to the Financial Times rankings.

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