El Nacional

MEP behind Hungary report: “There are political prisoners in Spain”

Judith Sargentini, a Dutch member of the European Parliament, wrote a report on the policies carried out by Hungary. At the European Parliament, she emphasizes that there are political prisoners …

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Catalan News

Committee of Regions president says ‘imprisonment’ of Catalan politicians offers no ‘solution’

The President of the Committee of the Regions, Karl-Heinz Lambertz, notes that the solution to the conflict between Catalonia and Spain “cannot be solved with either the police or the …

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El Nacional

Spanish foreign minister pressed by the BBC over Catalonia

The Foreign Affairs Minister of the Spanish government has had to answer about the violations of rights in Spain in a tense interview with the BBC

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Elisenda Paluzie: “Notwithstanding the political prisoners, we must not forget the ultimate goal’

The ANC’s Chair emphasizes the importance of the massive demonstration on Catalonia’s National Day, when citizens demanded the mandate of the Oct 1 referendum to be implemented: independence. (in Dutch)

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‘Puigdemont was far too naive’

The president of the Catalan National Assembly highlights Pedro Sánchez’ lack of willingness to start up a dialogue. Since the Spanish government’s new president took office, little has changed. (in …

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France 24

Elisenda Paluzie: “The fight for independence was lost”

Elisenda Paluzie evaluates the crucial 2017 autumn months with self-criticism. (in French)

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Herald Scotland

Nicola Sturgeon should consider ‘Catalan-style’ poll if Brexit bad for Scotland, says Elisenda Paluzie

Elisenda Paluzie suggested that Scotland could hold a Catalan-style referendum in case Brexit would finally be implemented in disagreement with the will of the Scottish people

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Le Point

Elisenda Paluzie: “In Catalonia, the independence movement has been criminalised”

The Chair of the Catalan National Assembly laments Spain’s authoritarian drift. (in French)

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Corse Net Infos

Elisenda Paluzie : “Violating democratic rights is not acceptable in Europe!”

The Chair of the Catalan National Assembly emphasizes the importance of internationalising the Catalan situation and reviews the human rights abuses in Spain. (in French)

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Le Soir

Elisenda Paluzie (ANC): «The Catalan prisoners are treated as terrorists»

Interview with the Chair of the Catalan National Assembly, who explains the prosecution of the Catalan independence movement in Spain (in French)

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