El Nacional

Spain withdrew billions of euros from Catalan banks after referendum

On the aftermath of the referendum on self-determination in Catalonia, Spain’s government carried out a massive campaign to withdraw money from public companies and banks in Catalonia, all with a …

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BBC News

Catalonia: What would an economic split from Spain mean?

This article analyses what possibilities and consequences would Catalan independence have at an economic and entrepreneurial level, for Catalonia and for the world

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EU-Catalonia Dialogue Platform

41 MEPs wear yellow T-shirts in the Strasbourg plenary to demand release of Catalan political presoners

Solidarity with Catalan political prisoners arrives at the European Parliament, where 41 MEPs have called for their release wearing yellow t-shirts

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A year on, Catalonia could flare up at any time

One year after the independence referendum and after the imprisonment of its political and social leaders, the Catalan independence movement carries on

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NY Times

A year after Catalonia secession vote, new unrest and still no resolution

The independence movement staged a huge demonstration in the streets of Barcelona, on October 1, one year after the referendum of self-determination

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Televisión Española

Interview with Elisenda Paluzie at Spanish TVE show ‘Los Desayunos de TVE’

The president of the ANC, Elisenda Paluzie, reviews the situation in Catalonia and underlines the human rights violations in Spain. (in Spanish)

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Independence trial will not be fair, says wife of jailed leader

Political prisoner Jordi Cuixart’s partner, Txell Bonet, talks about the situation of her partner and on how people should react if there were to be a conviction in the case …

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Open Democracy

Catalan National Day: free speech under threat

In this article, Andrew Davis explains the human rights violations against the Catalan people, such as the imprisonment of political and civil society leaders

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Open Democracy

Two kinds of justice in Spain

A German journalist reveals the situation of Spain’s Justice in this article. She does so with the cases of the imprisonment of the Basque youngsters of Altsasu and the imprisonment …

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Belgium’s Justice rejects the extradition of Spanish rapper Valtonyc, as demanded by Madrid

Belgian Justice refuses to extradite rapper Valtonyc, who’s exiled in Belgium and was sentenced to three years in prison in Spain, for apology for terrorism and lese-majesty in the lyrics …

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