International Commission of Jurists

Spain: trial of Catalonian leaders imperils human rights

As the trial of twelve Catalan separatist leaders begins before the Spanish Supreme Court today in Madrid, the ICJ warns that their trial on broadly defined offences of rebellion and, …

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The National

Witness exclusion at Catalan trial is ‘matter of concern’

A Scottish expert in international law has said the exclusion of defence witnesses at the trial of Catalan independence leaders, which is due to start tomorrow, is a matter of …

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Associated Press

Spain’s courts put to test by trial of Catalan separatists

Spain is bracing for the nation’s most sensitive trial in four decades of democracy this week, with a dozen Catalan separatists facing charges including rebellion over a failed secession bid …

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Green Left Weekly

Spanish state vs Catalonia: putting a political trial on trial

On February 12, the trial of 12 Catalan politicians and social movement leaders involved in the October 1, 2017 independence referendum is set to begin in the Spanish Supreme Court.

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Catalan republicanism and European federalism, by Oriol Junqueras

Republicanism in Catalonia is inseparable from both Catalanism and European federalism, writes Oriol Junqueras, who argues that Europe faces a crucial crossroads: on the one hand, an increasingly extreme right, …

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PEN America

A troubling trend: Free expression under fire in Catalonia

After more than 14 months in pre-trial detention, Oriol Junqueras, the former vice president of the Catalan regional government, is set to go on trial January 22, 2019, in Madrid …

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The Nation

Spain’s Radical Right Is Here to Stay—but Did It Ever Leave?

The truth is, Spain was never really an outlier in Europe, its radical right is not really new, and its situation is hard to compare to right-wing populism in other …

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Persecuted as a terrorist in Spain

Tamara Carrasco campaigns for an independent Catalonia. She was arrested and has been in house arrest for months.

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The trial of Catalan referendum leaders casts a long shadow over the EU’s credibility

The trial against the Catalan referendum will have wide consequences for the EU and any condemnatory prison sentences will be a huge blow for the democratic credibility of the European …

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Catalan leader’s battle from behind bars

Oriol Junqueras is the main figure in what could be the most important criminal case ever brought before a Spanish court.

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