Empty Seats in the European Parliament: What About EU Citizenship?

The European Parliament started its new term with three empty seats. The Catalan politicians Carles Puigdemont, Antoni Comín and Oriol Junqueras got elected in the European Parliamentary elections of 26 May …

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Rapper on the Run

When Spanish authorities sentenced this provocative musician to prison for “glorifying terrorism,” his dedicated fans helped him make a daring escape across the border.

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Craig Murray

Democratic Triumph for Catalan Separatists

The Spanish General election in Catalonia was a stunning victory for the Catalan Separatists, their best ever election result, achieved despite their leadership being exiled or political prisoners and despite …

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Brave New Europe

Elections results from Catalonia: A further step towards independence

Just as important as the election in Spain is the election in Catalonia. The independence movement in Catalonia has attained an impressive electoral victory. There are clear signs that it …

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The National Question in the 21st Century

CommonSpace editor Ben Wray introduces CommonSpace’s special week of coverage on international movements for self-determination by arguing that, contrary to popular theorists of globalisation on the left and right, the …

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El Nacional

The Catalan case reaches the Bundestag

The case of Catalonia has reached the Bundestag. Political party Die Linke has tabled a motion in the lower house of the German parliament, asking the government of Angela Merkelto work …

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The Times of London

British police chief rejects claim Catalan separatists were violent

The findings of Sir Hugh Orde, a former chief constable with the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) and expert on public order, contradict the narrative presented by the prosecution …

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El Nacional

41 French senators call for France and the EU to intervene in the Catalan conflict

Forty-one French senators from different political groups have issued a call for the respect of fundamental rights and freedoms in Catalonia. The unprecedented text that they have written condemns the …

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Exclusive (2): Catalan independence leader Carles Puigdemont on reinventing nationalism in a new century

From exile in Belgium, Catalan president talks about reinventing democracy after “right” and “left” have collapsed.

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Nederlands Juristencomité voor de Mensenrechten

NJCM-trial observation: Catalan separatists and protest leaders, Supreme Court in Madrid

At the request of International Trial Watch Jelle Klaas, NJCM’s Litigation director and human rights lawyer, observed the trials of some of the Catalan separatists and protest leaders before the Supreme Court …

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