The Catalan National Assembly mobilizes its foreign assemblies for the Catalan National Day

Foreign Assemblies of Assemblea the Catalan National Assemblywill hold political and cultural events as well as social gatherings in several countries, on the occasion of La Diada –Catalan National Day— on September 11th.      

With La Diada –Catalan National Day— approaching, several Foreign Assemblies of the Catalan National Assembly have already announced the organization of several events on the occasion of the most important day for the Catalan pro-independence movement.

The Foreign Assemblies in Brussels, the Netherlands, England, France, USA and Mexico have announced their activities and events, to take place between the 10th and 11th of September. Culture and politics will mingle in the Catalan National Day events, in a celebration of Catalan traditions, while demanding the right to Catalonia’s self-determination.

The representation of the Catalan National Assembly in Brussels is organizing a gathering around the iconic Manneken Pis, who will be dressed in traditional Catalan attire, to sing The Reapers, the Catalan National anthem. Afterwards, the Catalan National Assembly is hosting a free aperitif in a brewery in the city.

ANC France will hold a demonstration in the Place de la République in Paris, and a book exchange and picnic in Nice. In the Netherlands, there’s a full day crammed with activities, including a parade of boats in Amsterdam’s channels bearing estelades (Catalan pro-independence flags), lunch and a Sardana (traditional Catalan dance) class.

The Assemblea branch in England has organised a big event in London, including a conference on the Pyrenees Freedom Trails, though which thousands managed to run away from Nazism during Second World War thanks to the support of Catalan volunteers, a merchandise stall, performances of traditional Catalan dances and castells (human towers), a popular lunch, and live music. Assemblea’s vice-president, Jordi Pesarrodona, will participate in the events.

Outside Europe, the Catalan diaspora is also coming together. In the United States, Catalans are having gatherings and activities in Washington DC, Minnesota and Dallas. In Mexico City, ANC Mexico is planning a gathering of catalans as well.

The Assemblea Foreign Assemblies work at a grassroots level with local organizations, NGOs, and political representatives to inform about the political situation in Catalonia. Assemblea’s foreign branches encourage anyone interested in contributing and working alongside the Catalan pro-independence cause abroad to get in touch with them and learn more or take part in these and other events.

International Meeting Point for the Diada in Barcelona

This year’s 11th of September Catalan National Day protest will be centred on the city of Barcelona (, with the goal of mobilizing the citizens and the grassroots movement to place pressure on the institutions and to convey that independence will not be won without fighting. Starting at 17:14h, in commemoration of the year Barcelona fell, the mobilization will consist of a march from Avinguda del Paral·lel, through Moll de la Fusta, Avinguda Isabel II and along Avinguda Marquès de l’Argentera to Estació de França.

Assemblea has organized a Meeting Point in the southern most end of Les Rambles, close to Colon, Barcelona, which will serve as an information point on the Catalan struggle for independence and Assemblea’s international actions, and which will also be the Accreditation Point for the international guests who will join the head of this year’s demonstration, as well as for the international media and correspondents covering the event. As for international delegations, this year they have confirmed attendance at the head of the demonstration representatives from Basque Country, Galicia, Castile, Flanders, the Rif, Kabylia, Portugal, the Sahara, Belorussia, Ukraine, Veneto, Biafra, Xinjiang, Kurdistan, and Sardinia, among others.