The Catalan National Assembly denounces the lack of neutrality of Spain’s judiciary before the United Nations

The Catalan National Assembly has taken part in the Fourth session of the United Nations Forum on Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law, to denounce the lack of impartiality of the Spanish judiciary and the Catalangate affair that is still unaccounted for by the Spanish authorities.

The Catalan Assembly has participated in the latest session of the UN’s forum on Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law on November 24th and 25th. This focused on opportunities and challenges that democracies face. The event took place in Geneva and online, and brought together states, UN bodies and agencies, human rights organisations, academics and non-governmental organizations.

Assemblea’s board member Eva Pruneda took the floor and denounced that the Catalan National Assembly has been the target of lawfare by the Spanish authorities, and a victim of indiscriminate espionage for which there has been no reparation or accountability. “From our experience, we cannot find true neutrality in Spanish courts. The Spanish judiciary and politics are intrinsically linked”, she condemned.

Moreover, Pruneda insisted on the importance of establishing cooperation between the UN and the European Parliament to set a basic standard for the use of spyware and the protection of fundamental rights. The Spanish authorities’ refusal to investigate the CatalanGate espionage scandal sets a dangerous precedent for dissidence and human rights defenders worldwide.

Assemblea regularly takes part in International human rights meetings forums as part of its international advocacy actions, and to denounce violations of rights by Spanish institutions against the people of Catalonia.