Catalan News

Ex-parliament speaker to face trial for allowing vote on independence and anti-monarchy motions

he former Catalan parliament speaker Roger Torrent will face trial for allowing votes on resolutions on independence as well as the Spanish monarchy two years ago. Together with three other former …

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Three Catalan civil society organizations bring 37 new charges against Spanish police officers in the independence referendum case in Barcelona

The Catalan National Assembly, Òmnium Cultural and Irídia have presented a new expert report which identifies more than 450 illegal acts during the October 1st, 2017 self-determination referendum. The Catalan …

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The Politic

Homage to Orwell—The Misinformation Campaign Against Catalonia

On October 1, 2017—the day of the Catalan Independence Referendum—voters across Catalonia took to the polls and cast ballots, proudly practicing their democratic right to self determination. Mobilizing despite the …

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