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Scotland desperately needs its own National Assembly like Catalonia’s

IT’S six years since Catalonia held its referendum on self-determination. At the time, I, as chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Catalonia, and other parliamentary members – including Hywel Williams …

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The president of the Catalan National Assembly at Westminster explains the situation of the Catalan’s resolve for independence and denounces the repression by Spanish authorities

The President of the Catalan National Assembly Dolors Feliu has visited the United Kingdom, where she has been invited to give a speech on the current situation in Catalonia and …

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Hywel Williams, MP: “It is Catalonia’s right to be an independent country”

If the Catalan cause has reached the Westminster parliament, it is largely thanks to Hywel Williams. Member of the Welsh pro-independence party Plaid Cymru and a staunch supporter of minority languages, Williams (born …

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