The Guardian

Sturgeon: SNP will hold Scottish independence vote if it wins in May

Nicola Sturgeon has said she will hold an advisory referendum on independence if her Scottish National party wins a majority in May’s Holyrood elections, regardless of whether Westminster consents to …

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MEPs call out Spain’s self-interest in reform proposal for EU arrest warrants

The pressure from Spain to amend the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) system and introduce the possibility of automatic extradition for crimes against the constitutional integrity of states which involve violence has today prompted …

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Assemblea’s position on the issue of a call for amnesty and its international implications

In December 2020, the Catalan National Assembly’s National Board passed a resolution restating that both the causes against the pro-independence movement and all open court cases arising from the protests …

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BBC News

Villarejo: The rise and fall of the Spanish state’s secret fixer

Many intrigues and scandals have gripped Spain in recent years, from alleged royal corruption to ministerial dirty tricks against political rivals, yet in all that complexity one character seems to …

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The National

Lluis Puig: Spanish bid to extradite Catalan former minister refused

AN appeal court in Brussels has upheld a ruling rejecting an extradition request from Spain for a former Catalan minister over his involvement in the indyref three years ago. Lluis …

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Global Committee For The Rule of Law "Marco Panella"

Conversation with Carles Puigdemont on Parliamentary Immunity

On 9 December, Carles Puigdemont, MEP and former President of Catalonia, talked online from his residence in Waterloo, close to Brussels, with Matteo Angioli about the lifting of his parliamentary …

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The EU Court of Justice hears the Catalan National Assembly and the Council for the Catalan Republic following the EU Commission’s veto on their European Citizens’ Initiative

This Thursday at 9:30h, the first hearing of the appeal filed by the Catalan National Assembly and the Council for the Catalan Republic before the Court of Justice of the …

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How Spain, allegedly, came close to being invaded by Russia

The latest far-fetched accusation the Spanish state directed at the leaders of the Catalan independence movement could well be from a cheap spy novella.

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Catalan News

Far-right events with neo-Nazi symbols held to mark Spanish Constitution Day

Tension as Vox rallies are faced by antifascists, while Barcelona local council will report them before hate crimes prosecutor Several events organized by far-right Vox party were held in some …

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Spain’s restrictive definition of “national minorities”: only one group defined

The leading human rights body on the European continent, the Council of Europe (CoE), says it regrets Spain’s “restrictive” application of the Council’s treaty for the protection of national minority groups, which …

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