Spain: human rights abuses and political prosecution

Title: The definition of political prisoner (PDF)
Author: Council of Europe
October 2012

Title: The political trial of the Catalan independence leaders (2)
Author: Gonzalo Boye
February 2019

Gonzalo Boye, who is Carles Puigdemont’s lawyer: “This is not a criminal accusation, but a political accusation packaged in legal format.”
Translations in French and Spanish.

Title: Dossier: The political trial of the Catalan independence leaders (1)
Author: Assemblea Nacional Catalana
February 2019

Who are the accused, what are the accusations and who are the accusers? (11 pages)
Translations in French, Spanish and Italian.

Title: The Spanish Judiciary System
Author: Olga Amargant
February 2019

Description of the structure and organisation of Spanish Justice (14 pages)

Title: España Catalunya – Más de diez años de conflicto político, más de un año de violaciones de derechos humanos y de represión
Author: Jordi Palou-Loverdos et al.
February 2019

Abstract in English.

Title: Letter to the United Nations and to the Council of Europe
Author: Elisenda Paluzie, President of the Catalan National Assembly (ANC)
December 2018

Title: We hereby reject the accusation made by the Spanish Prosecutor’s Office’s against members of the Electoral Council of Catalonia (the Sindicatura Electoral de Catalunya)
Author: ‘Col·lectiu Praga’ – University Lawyers For the Right to Decide 
October 2018

Title: The violation of fundamental rights and freedoms arising from the criminal justice reaction following Oct. 1st, and application of article 155 of the Spanish Constitution
Author: Síndic de Greuges de Catalunya (Catalan Ombudsman)
Date: May 2018

TitleTweet… if you dare
Author: Amnesty International
Date: March 2018

How counter-terrorism laws restrict freedom of expression in Spain

TitleJudicial controls in the context of the 1 October referendum
AuthorJean-Paul Costa, Françoise Tulkens, Wolfgang Kaleck, Jessica Simor QC
Date: December 2017

Catalonian human rights review

Title: Summary report of actions taken by the Catalan Ombudsman regarding the day of October 1, 2017
Author: Síndic de Greuges de Catalunya (Catalan Ombudsman)
Date: November 2017

Title: Violation of civil and political rights. Catalonia. September & October 2017
Author: Jordi Palou-Loverdos
Date: November 2017

Title: Human Rights regression in Spain: elected officials’ freedom of expression and the separation of powers.
Author: Síndic de Greuges de Catalunya (Catalan Ombudsman)
Date: April 2017