The Catalan National Assembly presents its new international website to tell the world about the situation in Catalonia

The Catalan National Assembly (ANC) presented its new international website of the organisation,, on Thursday, October 25, at its headquarters in carrer Marina, Barcelona. The new web has been set up in the hope that will will become a reference channel for disseminating news about Catalonia reality abroad.

The web is currently available in English, but it will be extended in the coming months to offer more languages, including German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. The Assembly considers that the new website fulfils a strategic objective in the internationalisation of Catalonia’s process towards independence. That is why it has been given utmost importance, and the Assembly will keep the website up to date and disseminate it successfully at an international level.

The new website is easy to browse; it is dynamic and will be updated on a weekly basis with information, not only about the organisation, but also about everything related to the political moment that Catalonia is living through, from an international perspective. It contains information on Catalonia at social, political, economic and cultural levels, as well as a detailed chronology covering the events of recent years and an explanation of why a social majority wants Catalonia to become an independent State. It also has an important news section available in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese, which will be updated. Moreover, there is an activity section to report on all the events organised by the External Assemblies (AE) of the Catalan National Assembly around the world.

It is these External Assemblies, distributed around the world and with a very active role in spreading news about current affairs in Catalonian, that will also use the new website in their own countries. Thus, it is hoped that the new website will be regarded as a reliable and solid source of information for politicians, academics, journalists and citizens throughout the world.