The Catalan National Assembly (ANC) and the Catalan Association of Civil Rights (ACDC) report serious shortcomings in the Spanish judiciary before the United Nations Human Rights Council

Lawyer Jordi Palou Loverdos, on behalf of the ANC and the ACDC, spoke today at the 38th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva.

During his address he denounced the lack of impartiality of a number of Spanish magistrates in the cases of the Catalan political and social leaders currently either in preventive detention or in exile.

“Still today, 16 members of the Government and of the Parliament of Catalonia (including ministers and their respective presidents) are either in preventive detention or else have been forced into exile. Not even their right to effective legal representation and defence was respected, since they were subpoenaed  for rebellion with violence, in some cases only 24 hours in advance and at a distance of 500 km from their homes”, Jordi Palou Loverdos stated.

At the end of his address he urged the new Government of Spain to take advantage of the opportunity it now has to comply with the international principles and regulations governing human rights and to follow the advice and recommendations of the United Nations human rights organisations.

Spain, which currently occupies one of the vice-presidencies, was present at the session when the address took place. At the end of the session, Spain requested a written copy of the address.

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ACDC – Catalan Association of Civil Rights is an entity created in November 2017 by the families of the Catalan political prisoners and exiles.