Take part in the citizens’ action to demand regulation of the right to self-determination in the European Union!

The Catalan National Assembly has launched a campaign to support the regulation of the right to self-determination in Europe in the framework of the European Commission’ Conference on the Future of Europe. The initiative comes from Catalan pro-independence activist Jaume Bardolet, who has submitted a proposal to create a mechanism aimed at facilitating and resolving any eventual self-determination disputes by democratic means. This tool should ensure that positions cannot be imposed, nor debates prevented.

In order for the initiative to enter into consideration by the European Commission, it is critical that it receives as much support as possible before Sunday 20th of February, the deadline for proposals to be submitted for the Conference on the Future of Europe.

To support the initiative, citizens need to register to the EULogin system, following these four easy steps:

Step 1: Follow this link and fill in the fields. Please use a working e-mail to register, since you will need it to activate your account. Once you press the button “Create an account”, you will see the following message.

Step 2: You should receive a confirmation e-mail with a link to generate a password. Create a password and press the button “Submit”.

Step 3: On submitting the password, you will automatically be logged in. You can also log in via this link. (Important: the system may request you to fill an additional form, and a second confirmation via e-mail. The confirmation e-mails may take some minutes, even hours, to be received, so we ask for you patience)

Step 4: Once you have logged in, you can access the initiative clicking this link, and support it by pressing the “Endorse” and “Follow” buttons, and also by leaving a comment below.

Make sure your voice is heard! The more support the proposal receives, the greater the chance it will be considered by the European Commission.

Thank you for being part of this project, and for your support for the recognition of the right to self-determination in the European Union!