Full House of Democracy and Human Rights in Berlin with the screening of the “Oct 1” documentary and the talk with Prof. Klaus-Jürgen Nagel

A predominantly young audience filled the “Haus der Demokratie und Menschenrechte” in Berlin last Friday, to watch this documentary by Mediapro about the Catalan referendum of self-determination on October 1, 2017. Coming from Barcelona at the request of the ANC Berlin, Professor Nagel, a historian and sociologist at UPF, explained in German the historical and political context that led to that date and the subsequent events until today. In the very lively Q&A, some spectators expressed their admiration for the courage and wit with which the repressive apparatus was circumvented and for the contrast between the civic spirit of the people and the brutality of the Spanish police. The question, however, that raised the most controversy was, naturally, what to do, now that the trials of the prisoners are approaching and four of them have started a hunger strike, to achieve the independence of Catalonia. Although there was no lack of ideas, no agreement was reached, but all left with the spirit agitated by the images and the heat of the debate.