First ANC Foreign Assemblies Day an unqualified success

This year the Catalan National Assembly organized the first Foreign Assemblies Day. On 26 July, some 30 expatriate partners originally from Catalonia met at the ANC headquarters to talk about external actions carried out by the ANC through its International Impact Committee and Foreign Assemblies, which operate in many countries. The event was attended by members from faraway countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China and the United States, as well as more nearby European states such as Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Spain. The newest Foreign A—ANC Latvija, from Latvia—was also welcomed.

ANC president Elisenda Paluzie welcomed the attendees and thanked them for the tireless work they do for Catalonia on a voluntary basis. She stressed the importance of having an independent citizens’ voice abroad to raise awareness of the situation in Catalonia as perceived and experienced by pro-independence Catalans. The International Impact Committee presented its strategic plan and the future projects and actions the ANC plans to carry out at the international level. For their part, the representatives of the Foreign Assemblies talked about activities in their countries and their vision of Catalan politics, focusing on the international dimension. The meeting made clear how important it is for the ANC to engage in vigorous, independent international action. The event was very productive. Members of the Foreign Assemblies voiced their satisfaction with the good working relationship they have with the International Impact Committee and expressed their full commitment to continue working to internationalize the Catalan independence process.