19 Nov

International Webinar – “Hate Speech Against the Catalan Minority”

On Thursday, 19th of November, Assemblea and the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) will organize an international webinar on the issue of hate speech against the Catalan minority in Spain, in the framework of the United Nations’ Thirteenth session of the Forum on Minority Issues, which fittingly focuses on Hate Speech, Social Media and Minorities.

The webinar will focus on the public presentation of the findings of the report on hate speech against the Catalan minority drafted by the Law Clinic Aix Global Justice and UNPO, and a discussion on the alarming trends regarding this issue. Participating speakers are the Case Manager for Aix Global Justice and co-author of the report, Indira Boutier, the president of Assemblea Nacional Catalana, Elisenda Paluzie, and journalist and coordinator of the Catalan Critical Media Observatory Mèdia.cat, Elisenda Rovira. The webinar will be moderated by Ralph Bunche, an International Human Rights Lawyer and Secretary General of UNPO.

Thursday, 19th of November
18:30h CET

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  • Time
    6:30 pm
  • Location
    Assemblea International YT https://bit.ly/3jXQniL / FB https://bit.ly/3keaaL6